Our Story

Welcome! My name is Alison and I’m a Doctor of Dental Surgery student who was just like you a few years ago, stressing about postgraduate studies and about doing well in the GAMSAT. I found it very difficult to find excellent resources for GAMSAT Section 1 and 2, with a dearth of fantastic essays and advice available on the Internet. Thus, I’ve made it my goal to create effective and exemplary resources that will give you everything you need to score a fantastic mark in the GAMSAT.

I work with a team of specialist GAMSAT tutors and essay experts to create tutoring content that is condensed so that you need not look further. It will be highly valuable in helping you achieve the marks you want! Our team has released a GAMSAT Section 2 study guide, idea bank and essays which is a comprehensive list of all that you need to succeed in GAMSAT Section 2. We are currently working on releasing GAMSAT Section 1 study guide and question banks so watch this space.

Our Core Values

  1. Best or nothing – We strive our best to create content and materials that is valuable, effective and exemplary. We aim for greatness in everything that we do. 
  2. Educate with passion – We are high-achievers and experienced tutors who want to help our students achieve their lifelong ambitions. We really care about you!
  3. Clarity above all – Our materials and blog pages are focused on keeping it clear and simple. We don’t use philosophy or make it more complex than necessary. The best writers can convey great things in simple words.
  4. Honesty and Transparency – We want to be honest and transparent with ourselves and those that entrust their learning with us.

Principal Tutor

Alison is our principal tutor at GAMSATEnglishTutor with 6 years of teaching experience. She has taught more than 100+ students with a background as a high school tutor for Advanced English and History, university tutor for philosophy and political economy students and as a GAMSAT tutor for the humanities.

She draw upon her vast experience in analysing literature and writing a variety of pieces (discursive, creative, persuasive) to the essay-writing section in GAMSAT. She has worked tirelessly in developing the proven GamsatEnglishTutor method which has enabled her students to achieve fantastic results. She is friendly and engaging but will provide constructive criticism to push students to achieve their best. She believes in simplicity and clarity in the creation of great essays.

She has extensive experience working with people of all ages, from those with an ESL (English as a Second Language) background, those looking to improve their GAMSAT marks from 60s to 80s and others looking to refine and perfect their essays.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin


With Covid-19, most lessons are undertaken over Zoom.

I am based in Melbourne but tutor students across Australia, UK and Ireland.