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“I have had various S2 tutors over the years and Alison was by far the best one. Coming from a primarily scientific background, I had trouble writing essays which included personal stories and strong opinions and arguments. Alison helped me significantly improve these skills with a plethora of resources and example essays along with tailored in-depth guidance and informative feedback. I received a 56 in section two and following Alison’s tutoring and guidance I obtained a 72. I highly recommend Alison.”

– Colin, March 2021 (increased scores from 56 to 72)

“Alison was a great help and her guidance helped me significantly in understanding how I could improve my GAMSAT essay structure and the ideas I presented. Using her framework, my essays were more concise and targeted so that I was able to score my highest mark ever! This would have by no means been possible without her. Thank you for your support in expressing myself Alison and exploring different perspectives and ideas about the world.”

– Claudia, March 2021 (increased scores from 58 to 77)

“When I initially got in touch with section 2 of GAMSAT, I felt that it was very much enigma as English is not my native language and essay writing was never my strength. This was proven after my two attempts of sitting GAMSAT. When I almost lost my faith and hope in the GAMSAT, my friend introduced Alison to me. Her way of teaching made me believe that I have a shot to ace the section 2. After studying section 2 with Alison‘s tutoring, my score went up from 48 to 64. This is a big improvement for me. Hence, to those students who find section 2 extremely difficult, I want to say: never give up hope, never lose your faith, never say never, all you need is a talented and amazing GAMSAT tutor like Alison to ace section 2.”

– Leo, March 2021 (increased scores from 48 to 64)

“Alison is a great tutor! During our lessons, she went through different essay structures I could use, exemplar essays, essay feedback and strategies to generate ideas during the exam. Alison has also taught me how to improve my analysis of current and historical affairs and incorporate them into my essays. I would highly recommend Alison as a tutor!”

– Yasmim, March 2021

“Alison has been a fantastic teacher and of great support during my GAMSAT preparation. I have always found it really hard to write essays but she taught at my pace and regularly checked in with tips and materials after class to supplement my learning. She really helped me to generate ideas and write in a way which was more conducive to Section 2, rather than university-style essays. Her patience is very much appreciated and has allowed me to achieve a score which I never would have envisioned!”

– Cherie, May 2020 (Doctor of Medicine, 2021)

“Alison is an amazing section I and section II tutor for the GAMSAT. For section I, she helped me to think and critique the text in the most efficient way possible so that I extract the necessary information without wasting time. For section II, Alison helped me develop a solid structure for both Part A & B, along with brainstorming ideas for many practice prompts. She also gave very detailed feedback on practice essays that I wrote, and provided small passages that I could possibly incorporate into my writing. Overall, Alison is very kind and understanding, she will always motivate you and give you hope of succeeding.”

– Sahej, May 2020

“Alison is an excellent tutor who helped me immensely preparing for the GAMSAT. Through my lessons with Alison, I have improved my essay structure and my ability to formulate sentences in a concise and coherent manner. English is my second language and Alison has tailored her educational approach to improve both my writing and language skills. Thanks to Alison I felt prepared and confident to approach the exam. I highly recommend Alison to anyone studying for the GAMSAT and especially for those whose English is their second language.”

– Eden, May 2020 (scored 70 in GAMSAT Section 2, overall 70)

“Alison is a fantastic tutor. For Section I, she is dedicated and highly experienced when it comes to teaching and explaining concepts. For Section II, she always provided me with detailed feedback and different writing styles that dramatically improved my performances. Overall, she is very supportive and caring. I am very fortunate to have her as my GAMSAT tutor!”

– Elizabeth, May 2020 (S1 improved from 50 to 62, S2 improved from 51 to 68 in GAMSAT)

“Alison is an incredible tutor with an amazing grasp of Section 1 and 2 sections of the GAMSAT. She taught me how to think critically for Section 1 texts as well as apply a structure and flow to my Section 2 essays. She has plenty of resources for your reference and she is always in-touch with the latest news and issues and sharing them with her tutees.”

– Jay, May 2020

I have taken the GAMSAT thrice now, and I can only achieve the Section 1 and Section 2 marks with your help. Through going through cartoons and passage analysis, I feel that I became more consistent in the way I interpreted the passages and that definitely helped me with Section 1. In terms of Section 2, I always felt that I was only good at certain topics and depended heavily on how “lucky” I was to see if I could answer those questions. For Section 2, going through different themes and essay plans really helped me with figuring out the points for my essay during the exam as well as adding my personal touch to them.

– Planning, May 2020 (S1 64, S2 68)

“I thought Alison was a very good GAMSAT tutor. She was always willing to help answer any question that I had and did so in ways that made it clear to me. She is always enthusiastic about the material and that helps I was trying to learn. After each tutorial, Alison will always Email me a list of tasks need to be done before the next tutorial which guide me to study and enables to study actively!!!”

– Ellie, May 2020

“Alison is a very great tutor. She came in class prepared with detailed notes and structured thoughts. She provided me with ideas that opened my mind and methods that are easy to work on. She is very approachable and knowledgeable. She has a solid understanding of how to write a good essay, and will also tailor your classes based on your personal strengths and weakness.”

– Liz, September 2019 (Doctor of Medicine, 2021)

“Alison is a very skilled tutor. She tutored me for section 1 and section 2, with detailed printed-outs and excellent explanation. Her essay samples are very neat, interesting and fun to read! She is well-organised and can analyse the time very well that you will not waste a minute during the sessions. She is very knowledgeable and has many resources for you to practise your reading and collecting information skills. As she pulled me up my section 2 from 50ish to 60ish in barely two weeks, I can be so sure that you would not regret to have her as your gamsat tutor.”

– Juri & May, March 2019

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