I have collated essay plans, idea banks and essays over the years that will make it easy for you to review and extend your knowledge of GAMSAT essay writing.

GAMSAT Idea Bank for Part A

This idea bank is comprised of information gathered from newspapers, books, podcasts, Youtube, magazines and personal experience. They are based on contemporary issues and provide a structure as well as examples that can be used in your own essays.   (34 pages) 


GAMSAT Idea Bank for Part B

This idea bank includes a critical analysis of personal experiences and examples gathered from newspapers, books, podcasts and magazines. It includes topics that have been on previous GAMSAT exams with ideas, paragraphs and a potential essay structure that can be adapted. This will help to provide different insights into personal issues that we often encounter.   (31 pages) 


GAMSAT Part A – 5 Essays (themed)

Themes: Democracy, Technology, Advertisements, Law, Business.   These are hot topic items that have appeared in previous GAMSAT – write masterful essays by drawing upon the ideas and the structured writing style presented here. 


GAMSAT Part B – 5 Essays (themed)

Themes: Conformity, Laughter/Humour, Choice, Art, Happiness.   These selection of essays allowed me to achieve 80+ in the GAMSAT, following a reflective style of writing that presents a distinctive voice and insight into the issue presented. 


20 Exemplar GAMSAT Part A and Part B Essays

Part A Topics: Prejudice, Imagination/Knowledge, Environment, Rest, Individuality, Courage, Democracy is flawed, Technology, Radicalism, War & Part B Topics: Community, Education, Imagination, Punishment, Revenge, Nature, Role Models, Travel, Courage, Love


GAMSAT Section 2 Topic of Choice

Choose between any of these Part A or Part B topics listed on this page, purchase and contact me to forward the essay


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