Section 2

GAMSAT Section 2: How to write a Mic-Drop Worthy Conclusion

A killer conclusion helps to tie all the ideas in your essay together. Learn how to hit a home-run with these three key tips.

3 Key Tips

1. Plan your Conclusion

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

You need to do all the hard work before you even start writing a GAMSAT essay. This means that you plan out your arguments in logical fashion (click here to learn how to write an essay for GAMSAT) which is then to be rephrased in your conclusion. As you elaborate each argument in your main body paragraphs, you would have refined key ideas which is to be outlined once again.

Advanced tip: Provide a recommendation if you have not done so already about the future. Ask yourself:

  • What can we, as individuals do better in?
  • What can the government do better in?
  • How do we ensure a better tomorrow?

2. Write short and sharp

Don’t tell the reader you are concluding, e.g. “In conclusion…” or “In closing…” This can sound clumsy and can be avoided if you go back to your main argument and reconsider what you wish to say about the theme! In most cases, you can cut these words out and your sentence will still make sense.

Don’t repeat your introduction word-for-word or bring in new ideas. Repeating the same phrases or words from your introduction can be bland.

Don’t use extravagant or “fluffy” words because you think it makes you sound more “sophisticated”. It doesn’t.

Do rephrase your arguments and tie up loose ends. Look at your introduction as you write your conclusion and change the way you are saying your key argument. Draw a meaningful link to the theme presented.

Do keep your conclusion 4 sentences or less. It can be done!

3. Mic-drop your last line

Your closing sentence can really make your essay shine so consider:

  • a recommendation you wish to make for the future
  • providing a different insight on a phrase used in the introduction, e.g. double-edged sword
  • a well-thought out phrase that summarises your contention one last time
  • making a contention that leaves the reader thinking/reconsidering their own perspectives

Example Conclusions


Whilst impartiality is impossible to attain, one should always strive to reach it. If our experiences hold us prisoner, then we should try to break free. A good society is one that does not discriminate based on one’s skin colour, background and religion – rather it embraces diversity and seeks to eschew past prejudices in favour of recognising them.


Modern-day society places an unhealthy value on material wealth which is dangerous and detrimental to our health. If we are to ensure that we live a healthy and happy life, wealth should be defined by our physical health and the connections we form with the people around us.


If future generations are to have an environment that is habitable, change must begin today. It must begin at an individual level and communities as well as the international community at large must be involved. An awareness of the little changes we can take to change our footprint, small or big, will impact us now and in the future.

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