GAMSAT Idea Bank for Part A

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Unlock your full GAMSAT Section 2 potential  with this idea bank containing 75 past and potential GAMSAT topics (109 pages).

💡Past GAMSAT topics with expertly curated arguments that will challenge your critical thinking and creativity

👨‍🎓Vast collection of thought-provoking ideas to boost your essay-writing skills

🔥Essay Plans on all topics with detailed examples.

🖊️BONUS information on how to write a 100th percentile structure, generate ideas, write introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions.

💻User-friendly interface and easy-to-use organised headings

💯Excel on GAMSAT test day


This GAMSAT Section 2 Idea Bank is the ultimate resource in your preparation of excellent GAMSAT essays that are in-depth and insightful. This is the third edition of the idea bank, developed in-part during my preparation for the GAMSAT and whilst tutoring students that have performed in the 90-100th percentile for GAMSAT Section 2. This is a work of labour and love, completed over the last 7 years so that you can study smart and efficiently for the GAMSAT without having to spend hours researching ideas and examples.

Past GAMSAT Topics: democracy, capitalism, affirmative action, altruism, taxation

The GAMSAT Section 2 Part A Idea Bank offers a wealth of past GAMSAT topics and ideas that will challenge your critical thinking and creativity. Not only that, but it also provides detailed essay plans that will set you apart from other students. These plans will guide you on how to structure your essay, what to include and how to present your ideas in a clear and concise manner.

The key to success on the GAMSAT is to be able to think critically and creatively, and the GAMSAT Section 2 Part A Idea Bank is designed to help you do just that. With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use organization, you’ll have access to a wealth of ideas and resources at your fingertips.

If you’re serious about doing well on the GAMSAT, the GAMSAT Part A Idea Bank is an essential resource that will give you the edge you need to excel. It helped me to achieve a 100th percentile, and it can help you do the same.

(109 pages)


1 review for GAMSAT Idea Bank for Part A

  1. Andrea

    I found the Part A idea bank to be a well written and thoughtfully compiled. It’s been an invaluable resource as a GAMSAT first timer – I was really unsure about how to structure my essay and what kind of examples would strengthen my arguments. The idea bank breaks down topics and outlines sample arguments supported with relevant real world examples. It’s made S2 feel a lot more approachable and made me feel more confident/prepared in writing about topics I’m not familiar with.

    Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge in S2 topics!

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