GAMSAT S2 Comprehensive Package



Comprehensive Study Package

Get the most comprehensive GAMSAT S2 package all in one and write your way into GAMSAT success.

Learn the secrets of effective essay writing using 8 of these booklets. My essay writing guide will comprehensively outline the steps you need to succeed, my idea bank help you to generate ideas on multiple past GAMSAT topics and 80+ essays (30 exemplar essays) that will reveal what an exemplar response looks like. Then, use a selection of prompts to help you practice!

– Master GAMSAT Essay Writing Guide
– GAMSAT Idea Bank Part A
– GAMSAT Idea Bank Part B
– 5 Part A Essays (themed)
– 5 Part B Essays (themed)
– 20 of the Best GAMSAT Part A and B Essays
– 20 GAMSAT Section 2 Prompts + 2021-2007 past GAMSAT topics


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